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Father & Son


The Beginning...

Pastor Dale Henneman and Janis Nazarian Hadley met and worked on staff together at a Cafe youth ministry. They experienced that many of the young people had disconnected and broken families.  Much of the time was spent interacting, listening and encouraging these young people who needed direction in their lives.  Also most  did not attend church but saw Jesus in the volunteers.

It was here in 2006 that the concept of Community Chaplains was beginning to form.  Realizing that many people are not necessarily anti-God, they were anti-church or anti-church person.  They often saw churches more like museums that didn't apply to them.  Seeing how many of the broken families needed instruction and help validated  the need /opportunity to serve the community as chaplains. 

We envisioned Community Chaplain Services to be available to those who don't have a church but need assistance in the issues of life.   The concept of CCS was designed  to serve as chaplains much like a prison or hospital chaplain. 

Renovations began on their current location in March of 2007 with many friends and family members pitching in.  Finally the Grand Opening was September 21, 2007. And so it began and has continued to grow. We are so thankful for all the support we have received both in prayer and financial, especially those who have given from the beginning and helped stabilize finances.  

From counseling, pastoral services, mentoring, life coaching, teaching and speaking engagements. 

Community Chaplain Services exists to assist in the issues of life.

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