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Dale Henneman

Pastor Dale is an ordained minister and has pastored starting back in college in 1977. In 2002, he left pastoring inside the church to enter into a café street ministry. He was the Executive Director and Community Chaplain for a café street ministry until starting Community Chaplain Services in Norton. He is credentialed with a Masters in Clinical Counseling from Ashland Theological Seminary. Pastor Dale served as Affiliate Faculty and was Chaplain at Indiana Wesleyan University’s Cleveland Campus for over twelve years. He also served for 25 years as Vice President of student affairs, head counselor and Board member of Appalachian Youth Ministries. He has given much of his ministry to working with young people and their families and has a strong calling to impact our culture with positive values. Pastor Dale had been married to his wife Pam for 41 years when she passed away. He has three children all who graduated from college and 4 grandchildren. In 2022 he married Sonja Gilliam and tripled the size of his family!

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