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Janis Hadley

Janis is a woman with years of business experience. She has a B.A. in Education and worked in her and her husband’s Company for over 20 years. In 1997, she joined Trans Pacific Trading Co. and eventually was promoted to Director of International Operations, where she spent much of her time in Hong Kong & China. Because of her passion for young people in 2003 she left the business world to become a missionary in a café street ministry. Her experience includes office manager, sales, bookkeeping, customer relations and quality control. She was an active member of Weymouth Community Church in Medina until her marriage to Jim Hadley in 2009. They attend Grace Bible Church. She was the Coordinator of the Norton Grace Church’s Professional Life Skills Center. She is the mother of three young men all who are college graduates. As a volunteer in a café street ministry she met Pastor Dale, and they saw the need to expand services to the community through Community Chaplain Services.

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